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While They Were Sleeping

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

New Record on the Way!

Well, here I am 45! Finally (Thanks to John Schmitt!) I have website. Thanks a ton for stopping by. I recon as much as I can I will stop by here and write some entries that more less will be simply sharing music thoughts I have, music, song ideas, maybe a rant or two about something that bears no real meaning.

I’ve been known to build the whole damn clock when someone has asked me what time it was. In fact, I’ve been know to actually plant the tree that grew with wood that was chopped down by a lumber jock who then took the logs to the mill to have the appropriate cuts made in order to build the outer shell of the grandfather clock..

Talking to damn much. That is me. That is something I constantly work on. That is also something that makes songwriting a pain the ass for me. Talking too much…not being concise.

So I have a new record coming out!

This will be the first release i have had since March of 1996. I had a 4 song EP recorded in the back of a motor cycle shop. Have forgotten the name, but it was in King, NC. One of the songs from that record went on to be recorded by my long time friend Taylor Hicks. Wedding Day Blues was the song. 23 years ago I wrote that song. 12 years ago it made its way to being a cut. Weird how shit happens. There were 20 copies made of that EP and I just handed them out to friends and family.

While I’ve not recorded my own music in such a long time, I have however been a guest studio musician for a bunch of folks which is always an honor.

While They Were Sleeping is my title for the record since my family was asleep during all the recording process. Studio sessions lasting from 9pm - 1am. First and foremost what I must say about this record is how blown away I am by all involved to help make it. It was recorded at Startingly Fresh Records which is owned and operated by long time friends of mine Jim and Terri Cavender. Jim has been one that I’ve looked up to musically for a long time. Always been a fan of his music, craft and his recordings. Look up Rolling Jazz Revue, look up Snake Doctors, and see if you can find an old Then Again record and you’ll see who Jim is if you’re unfamiliar. Multi-instrumentalist. Jim also runs with a heavily talented crew of cerebral musicians that would end up playing on the record. Folks I’ve known for a long time and been fan of their work. I have a lot of friends on this record which makes it most important and special to me. I’m 45, I’m not trying to get discovered. My goal is to create music the best that I can and archive it.

There are 12 songs on the record. 7 seven of the songs I co-wrote with John Schmitt. John and I run Listen Local together. We started writing in 2014 and way overdue to write some more.

Please stay tuned to my FB page for more info on the album release date!

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