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For The Record, My Record is Recorded

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

While you read, click to on one of the links and fire up the album:

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First and foremost I'm so thankful for Jim and Terri Cavender of Startlingly Fresh Records for the killer opportunity to make this record. It has been a long time in the making. I'm thankful also to be an active participant in this community's music scene. I'm really thankful to get this record out but even more thankful for all those who were able to take part in bringing the record to life. I'm truly grateful for the heart of the record which was co-written with John Schmitt. Our writing has been a great thing for both of us. Our best is yet to come. I have a full blown heavy hitting bomb dropping talent show of a line up on the record listed here: I have so many things I could go on about about each of these artists...

•John Onder - bass

•Drew Bolling - dobro, upright bass

•Ben Davis - Mandolin

•Jim Cavender - guitar, slide guitar, bass

•Nick Walker - upright bass, string arrangements

•Mike Dendy - drums

•Jeff Woods - percussion

•Newt Johnson - piano, accordion

Maiah Wynne - backing vocals (Maiah was the winner of the Music From The Moon international songwriting contest held by ListenLocal in with support from MidCity District and TonewoodAmp and Fame Studios)

•Tara Sayre - backing vocals

•Jenn Brown - backing vocals

•Karmessa Padgett - backing vocals

•Rita Burkholder - ukulele

•Richard Campbell - trumpets

•Ben Cohen - saxophones

That is one hell of a line up. I'm hoping each will allow me to reciprocate somehow if they ever need a lanky guitar player.

I will add more details on how this record came together in my blog at

My CD's are on the way. Still trying to put together a CD release party somehow if possible.

I'll have it available in different stores around town too. For years I've been wanting to put an album together. I've had the honor to play on other friends albums over the years, I have not done anything accept put it off.... Time is factor. I'm a mortgage loan officer at WilsonLittleTeam by day, also a family man that loves family time... so I only hit the studio when my girls were home asleep. Sessions normally from 9pm to 1:30am.

So friends, While They Were Sleeping is available to stream everywhere. I hope you will go have a listen. There is a lot of love on the album along with some rants, some good ole fashion word pictures and instructions on how to make moonshine.

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